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About Me

I am a certified Reiki Master and Life Coach. I'm based in Bromsgrove and live with my partner, two step children, a furbaby and chickens! I have worked in healthcare for the majority of my adult life. My purpose in life as always been to help people. This as led me into holistic lifestyle where I treat adults, adults and children  alternative therapies which I am very passionate about. 

My Treatments

Assorted Crystals
Serious Conversation

Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki is energy healing treatment that helps relaxation, stress, anxiety and more. 

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Long Distance Reiki Treatment

Distance healing is a powerful technique that allows me to send and for you to receive reiki treatment without being in each others presence

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is alternative therapy  used to help clear the mind and bodies energy

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Life Coaching

As your life coach I will work with you to help you achieve your goals by guiding and providing support.

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Companies & College/Universities

Before running my own business I worked for NHS/Private health sector. In my 20 years experience I have seen things that not everyone will have seen. I have cared for children, adults (civilian & military). 

I thought I was mentally strong and stable till I broke and had a breakdown. HR, mental health first aiders (MHFA) and Occupational health couldn’t give me the support I required even though they tired and was grateful for.

Working with different companies, HR departments, MHFA and education providers to support and improve your staff/student mental health and wellbeing. This will reduce sickness rates and high turnovers. Improving work/class environments.

I offer different packages that can be altered to suit your requirements. You can also book a free discovery session to find out more.


Large Companies

Work with HR department & MHFA. 

1-2-1 talking therapy sessions for employees. 

Stress & anxiety workshops

Change your mindset classes 

Health & Wellbeing workshops

Sessions and classes can be face 2 face or online.

Small/Medium Companies

Work with Director/ HR department & MHFA.

1-2-1 Talking therapy sessions

Group talking therapy sessions

Stress & anxiety workshops

Change your mindset classes

Meditation sessions

Health & wellbeing workshop

Schools/Higher Education

Working with teachers/lectures, MHFA.

Stress & anxiety classes

Improve your mindset.

Be your authentic self

Social pressures classes

Exam stress classes

Parental support

Peer pressures

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Zen Garden

“Well what can I say?? That was incredible!! I've just had my first ever reiki session with Lou and didn't know what to expect, but I couldn't recommend her enough, she was friendly, professional and made me feel so comfortable and explained reiki healing and benefits to me. The session itself was so relaxing and I've come out feeling like a new women, not the stressed, overworked, under appreciated mom that I felt before. Thank you so much Lou, I'll be back as soon as I'm feeling sluggish again."

Hayley Sharp, UK

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