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"Why Holistic Therapy Could be the Key to Your Well-being"

I've decided to start this blog with a question.

Is holistic therapy a phase or can it actually help your health and wellbeing?

As you are all to aware there are pros and cons in anything, and it differs from person to person, with regards to beliefs, knowledge and opinions. It can even differ due to the weather!

As a Operating Department Practitioner working for NHS/private sector for over 20 years, as well as a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Sound Healer and Meditation Teacher. I personally have pros and cons but, believe that both should unite and work together.

In the UK Health & Wellbeing is becoming popular and I am hoping it isn't a phase.

What does holistic therapy actually mean?

Holistic means treatment of the whole person not just a part of them.

Holistic medicine looks at the whole person for answers, not just at physical symptoms.


Westernised medicine is fantastic if you can see the problem and then fix it. Sadly, it may struggle with conditions and illnesses that cannot be seen as well. Now, I am not opposed to western medicine. I have seen the hard work, and miracles of doctors and nurses, as well as allied health professionals. Who work tirelessly to save people’s lives and improve their health, and I am not declaring that we should all stop using our healthcare system. There are times in our life that we need their help.

I am just mindful that why can't we use both? Some holistic therapies may work for some people and not others and vice versa. In exactly the same way some treatments and medicines help certain people and not others.

If we can unite both together, wouldn't that help everyone in the best possible way?

Ok.....So this is where I get to write about holistic treatments and I apologise in advanced as I get rather excited about it.

There are certain healing therapies that have been around for thousands of years! (and yes this is where I start talking about Reiki)

If Reiki can cause no physical or emotional harm, and this healing treatment is alongside other treatments/medicine, wouldn't it help improve their health:

  • Speed up recovery,

  • Improve their sleep to help recover

  • Help their mindset to fight the illness

  • Help reduce pain

  • Reduce the intact of medications required

If holistic therapy/treatments are spoken about has

I have used these personally to help my own health, physically and mentally and it has worked for me, although there is never a quick fix.

The first time you meditate doesn't just instantly fix you. The first session of `reiki doesn't make your condition all better.

In my opinion we can misinterpret holistic healing. When we start feeling better, we go back to our old habits. We then think that it hasn't worked, and was a waste of money and time.

Holistic healing is a way of life

Using different holistic therapies/ treatments within our daily lives helps not just our physical and mental wellbeing. It spreads to our family and friends.

Over time it can change our way of thinking, removing negative thoughts, improving how we deal with stress.

We are all living longer: Why would we choose a life of stress, worry, ill health? Especially if we can do something about it.

 I must stress before that I am not stating that holistic therapy and treatments should be your only way to help your health but can be used alongside to help you.

Holistic therapies are a perfect way to help improve your health and wellbeing. Don't rush to the first wellbeing shop or classes. Do your due diligence, speaking to people who have attended class, tried therapies can really help.

In conclusion, using alternative therapies and treatments alongside Western Medicine is the key to a more happy healthy life.

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