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What is a Life Coach? Can I help you?

A life coach can be sometimes be confused with a therapist or counsellor.

A therapist, psychologist, counsellor require a PhD and clinical training.

A life coach will have training and certification but are not clinically trained and does not a licensed mental health therapist.

Times have changed over the past couple of years, and I believe now more than ever that everyone needs a life coach.

A life coach may help in areas:

  • Change your thinking

  • Increase your emotional wellbeing

  • Change your limited beliefs

  • Set and help you achieve goals

  • Help you make those life changes you want

  • Increase your motivation

  • Learn a new skill

  • Help you change your self-identity

Where a therapist may help:

  • Treat and support mental illness or clinical anxiety/depression

  • Heal past trauma’s

  • Cope with loss

  • Cope with abuse

  • Help treat addictions

Would you benefit from a Life Coach?

Most people will have various goals related to: Careers, relationships, health, and finance. But along with goals, people will also have doubts, fear, and distractions.

We live in a time in which everything that anyone would like/want to learn, or change is at their fingertips.

There are numerous reasons why people don’t follow through with the changes or dreams they want to make:

  • Life can become overwhelming

  • Limiting self-beliefs

  • Responsibilities

  • Or life just happens

You don’t need more life hacks, quick fixes or 5 step processes. You need a life coach. Even a life coach needs a coach!

In all honesty EVERYONE needs accountability and encouragement. Change is hard and big goals take commitment.

How I can help you

As a life coach, I can support/help in various ways:

  • Help you achieve your dreams

  • Hold you accountable and staying on track

  • I will be there to encourage you

  • I will help you stay committed in those times when it gets hard, or you get frustrated

  • I am a support system that you can depend on when other people in your life don’t believe or support your visions

The phrase "nosce te ipsum" "Know thyself" has been around throughout history, and is the foundation for authentic living. By learning and becoming your authentic self you have to get to know you! You will have basic core beliefs from:

  • I cant

  • I can't control my health and well-being

  • I can't change

  • I can't learn

These are beliefs which you may have learnt/believed when you were a child. Finding out your beliefs is the start to make the paradigm shift to who you actually want to be. Change the can't to can!

  • I can

  • I can control my health and well-being

  • I can change

  • I can learn

Having a life coach may be the best decision you will ever make to reach that goal, to succeed in every area of your life.

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