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"The Power of Gratitude"


What is Gratitude

Most people have a genuinely natural understanding of what gratitude means to them, nonetheless it can be surprisingly hard to describe.

Is it a feeling, an emotion?

Is it a trait that we should have?

Or a behaviour in us?

Or does it stem from how we are brought up, our beliefs and values.

Why do some people find it easier to be grateful than others.

My understanding of gratitude is that it can be assumed as an array of different emotions, or a certain trait we have, a moral, a motivation, or a possible coping response to a situation.

It may depend on an individual's religious beliefs and their values.

To me gratitude is a selection of them all. It is an individual’s attitude and intent.


·      Within the Reiki 5 precepts

I can’t do a blog without adding a little Reiki in it. When practicing Reiki and bringing it into your daily life, there is five Reiki precepts that practitioners/healers live by, these are:

1.     Do Not Anger

2.     Do Not Worry

3.     Be Grateful

4.     Practice Diligently

5.     Show Compassion to Yourself and Others

Be Grateful: Personally, I presumed that being grateful had to be something big, however, I cherish more nowadays the little things. Something simple as a green light when driving, not raining when walking the dog, or when I feel the sun on my face.

There are so many daily reasons that I am grateful. Yet, when I started this daily practice I struggled for find what I was grateful for. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees! Don't overthink it.


  Benefits of beginning grateful

It has been suggested via research that gratitude may relate to many benefits for individuals, comprising of improved physical and psychological health. With an increase in happiness, and a decrease in materialistic things.

Overall, it seems that the more grateful people are, the happier and more satisfied with their lives they are. In addition, it has been noted that if individuals follow certain practices like keeping a “gratitude journal”, it can possibly increase the individual’s happiness and overall positive mood.


Can daily Gratitudes change your mindset

Honestly, in my opinion it can. It helps improve that negative mindset to a positive one. Your daily gratitude practice can not only have a impact on your mindset but that of others within your family or social group.

In my own experience it changed the way I saw things, for example: at tea my family and I sit round the table and talk about what made us grateful that day. I am grateful to have these experiences and to see how it helps my family look at their days differently, even if it was a bad one. Which by the end of the day turns out not that bad. It can affect you in ways you never thought.

I am a great believer in trying new things and this is one of them. If you have not tried the power of gratitude then there is no time like the present. What harm can it do?

Do not overthink it, keep it simple and fun.

However you wish to do it, whether writing it down, saying it in your head or discussing with family or friends. There is no right or wrong way, just do it!

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