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Christmas blue's

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Christmas and Boxing Day have passed, the new year is coming! It's the time of year when we reflect, which can be a difficult. A Wheel of life is a great way to start.

As the new year draws closer with only days to go. It's the time of year when we all start getting the Christmas blue's and reflecting on the past year. The things we have and haven't done.

We start setting plans and goals for the year to come....starting the gym, looking at holidays, moving house, loosing weight, maybe changing your job/career etc...

So... how do you set plans and goals for 2023 and not break them?

Have you ever heard of the wheel of life?

The Wheel of Life is a flexible coaching tool, which offers a 360-degree view of your current life situation. It can quickly identify areas of imbalance and helps you to create goals and set priorities based on your life's vision.

New Year's resolutions.

We can get fixed on a certain area of our life without even realising it.

The wheel of life helps create the balance within all areas of life:

  1. Personal growth

  2. Health

  3. Friends

  4. Relationships

  5. Recreation

  6. Spirituality

  7. Career

  8. Finance

The wheel of life originated from Tibetan Buddhism and focuses on the eight components, which are described as the happiness areas of life.

The diagram to the right shows that once completed you can clearly see areas of your life that you may not realise are getting less focus on and causing an unbalance.

Starting the year off balanced will help reduce stress and anxiety. Give you confidence that you are on the right track to achieving your goals, and also can help reduce the risk of broken sleep patterns.

I have attached a PDF for you to download and print. Give a try. I guarantee it will help. Keep a record and use the template to update the wheel. Life can throw you curve balls or walls you have to climb over and is complicated enough, using the wheel will make your plans and goals more easy to achieve.

Wheel of life
Download PDF • 471KB

The wheel of life helped me see that my focus was all in one area of my life and other areas were suffering without me realising.

As you get older, days, weeks and months, seem to go by faster and faster. Before you know it another year as gone buy.

Don't waste or regret at the end of 2023. You have one life which is extremely precious, make every day count.

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