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New Meditation Classes

For the new year after a very busy (and stressful) Christmas. I thought it was time to introduce my new Guided Meditation Class for Beginners.

You may have seen that I have added new classes to my website and advertisement on social media.

I was originally going to only have classes on Thursday's at my cosy cabin. However, after a long think, I decided to change it up and offer a Saturday morning online (via Zoom) class.

As a lot of you may or actually may not know, the reason I started my business a year ago, was to help people. I get that sounds extremely cheesy but its true.

Life is so hard with financial pressures, ill health, social pressures, career/job stress.... I mean the list is endless, and after using holistic healing to help me, I wanted to give back.

My classes will not be expensive as I do not want to be one of the reasons for the stress. However, like you all I do have bills to pay myself.

So...why Mediation?

Why not? Mediation, done or taught correctly is an amazing tool you can use anywhere at any time. You don't need anything, just you.

What better way to calm, release, unwind, relax, and think clearly.

Not only will it help you mentally it will help you physically, by reducing your blood pressure and heart rate.

We have all had times when we have spoken before we think and regret what just has came out of our mouths.

We have all got so angry/frustrated that we just want to scream or cry.

We have all got that worked up that you can feel your heart beating in your chest.

These types of emotions are no good for us, most of us live in a state of constant flight or fright mode. This causes not only mental health issues but physical health issues as well.

Bringing meditation into your life can help in so many ways. You can use it in the car, while walking, at work, before you go to sleep or when you wake up. You can meditate anytime anywhere.

My classes will be there to help people via guided teaching, with the aim to be able for you to use the practice not just when you come to my class but anytime any place.

If this is something you think you will need, benefit or just want to check it out you can book my classes via my website or get in touch.

Classes at the cosy cabin are only 3 people at one time.

Online will be 5 to a class.

If my classes are booked there will be a waiting list you can add to via my app.

If you have any questions please get in touch at

Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all.

Lou x

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