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My New Cabin

Exciting Times

The time has finally arrived when I have a place of my own! I am so grateful and lucky to have the support from my partner, kids and parents. Who not only put up with my dreams but help them become reality. I am truly blessed.

Well where to start?

During the time of it being built my new home has been given numerous names: Zen Den, Shed!?!, Claridge's Cabin. To now I thinking of Cosy Cabin.... Ok it may need some work!

The cosy cabin will offer Reiki treatments, Intimate sound classes of max 3 people, Life coaching, workshops, meditation classes and more!!

My Beautiful Chairs

My Sound Bathing classes are a little different, instead of lying down on a yoga mat you will be sat on a comfortable floor chair with a supportive back. I suggest wearing comfy clothing. You also have the option of a blanket if you wish.

Sitting comfortably instead of lying in a cosy environment enable you to feel the energy of crystal singing bowls, Gong, Chimes, and drum.

The floor chairs will also be used for meditation classes for beginners.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a beautiful calming holistic therapy. What better way to experience it in a warm, cosy, quiet environment.

I will also be offering sound healing with Reiki treatments.


As well as treatments you will be able to see my very own shop perfect for gifts for you and your family and friends.

What does the future hold?

The future is bright, I have lots of plan for workshops, classes, courses that I cannot get it organised as quickly as I would like it too.

But I will keep you in touch when they happen.

Thank you for everyones support and kindness. I know 2024 is going to be epic.

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