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Reiki For Kids


Have you ever thought about Reiki treatments for your child?

No? Why not?

Reiki as been around for a thousands of years, and is proven to help in so many different ways. From reducing pain, anxiety and stress, as well as improving your general wellbeing and so forth.

A lot more people are looking for affordable alternative ways to help themselves and their family. Holistic healing healing is becoming more common and people are starting to hear the words: Holisitc, Mindfulness, Meditiaiton and Reiki more frequently.

I maybe biased but I beileve that everyone should receieve Reiki healing even children. What better whay to help your child or children.

If you personally have ever had a Reiki treatment and felt the effects then why not offer Reiki to children. Reiki can not cause any actual harm and children are more open to healing then most adults.

Times are continually changing and being a child is not what it used to be. There is a lot more pressure on children nowadays. On top of school pressures, there are social pressures, as well as bullying.

If a child receives regular Reiki sessions the benefits can be endless.

Reiki can help with:

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Calmness

  • Fears

  • Inner strength

If your child or grandchild may have learning difficulties. Reiki can be very calming & relaxing time for them.

At the cosy cabin:

Children can lie on a bed, with a blanket if they wish.

During the session the cabin will have a projector which shows image's (solar system, clouds and different colours) for all children to watch if they wish.

During the Reiki healing session, I will physically not touch your child. I will have a chair for a parent/guardian to sit and watch during their treatment. Relaxing music will play in the background if the child is happy to listen.

I am all to aware thats children can get bored lying down for long amounts of time, so sesisons can vary from 30 to 45 mintues. They also don't have to lie still, even with them moving Reiki can still have a postive effect.

As you can see from the two pictures I have added, I have two young girls who really enjoy receiving Reiki healing (they think I have magic powers!) They enjoy it that much they want magic powers too.

If you think you child or grandchild could benefit but would like to know more, get in touch and email me

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